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Write Letters to


Special arrangements have been made with the creatures of Funks Grove to deliver wishlists to Santa!

Visit the mailbox on Imagination Grove Trail from now until
Christmas Eve

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Letters To Santa
Santa Claus

Once again, the critters of Funks Grove will be collecting letters to Santa and delivering them personally! Boys and girls of all ages are invited to write their letters to Santa, either at home or at our “writing station” in the Nature Center, and drop them off in a special mailbox located along our Imagination Grove trail.

It’s not a long walk, just across the parking lot and over the Covered Bridge. The critters of Funks Grove will then promptly deliver them. Be sure to stop in the Nature Center first and pick up some food to offer the animals as a “thank you.”

The animals will be accepting and delivering Letters to Santa beginning the Tuesday after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve from dawn until dusk, even when the Nature Center isn’t open. Make this one of your Christmas traditions!